8ULENTINA is a DJ, producer and interdisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. 8ULENTINA’s work focuses on creating diasporic fantasy spaces through the use of sound, sculpture, garments and video. 8ULENTINA is the co-founder of Club Chai, an event series, curatorial project, and label.

Their DJ sets include a wide range of BPMs and genres, piecing together global percussive styles across borders, combining non-western dance music with club, techno, rap, and RnB. 8ULENTINA has been featured on The Fader, Resident Advisor, Fact Magazine, Dummy Mag, MILK Studios, Contemporary Art Daily, Mixmag, Complex UK and more. They’ve had mixes on Rinse FM, NTS Radio, and Subcity Radio along with their Boiler Room debut in 2017.

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