The 12” EP, King Britt presents Fhloston Paradigm (a fitting take of Fhloston Paradise, a destination from the film The Fifth Element) was released on Hyperdub in 2011. This established new fans of King’s work, and revealed a sonic re-evolution to his core supporters.

Fhloston Paradigm’s muse was vintage future sound—DNA from nostalgic science fiction... Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Blade Runner, and Doctor Who. The project united timeless and true facets of analog and digital binary, with the unexpected; an invitation to transcendence.

The Phoenix (2014), debut LP, merged sci-fi music history and concepts, renowned and emerging artists, ethereal sounds, and extensive experience. The Phoenix was in every sense a re-birth... inspiring unconventional and wondrous new methods of production; novel for a music veteran.

The Cosmosis EPs followed, a creative timeline, which displayed King’s sonic metamorphosis... moving heavier into experimental sound design, and acknowledged by notable soundtrack composers.

Organically, this project has seen various incarnations in prestigious places including theMoMA PS1(NYC), MoCAD(Detroit), XOYO(London), and Womb(Japan).

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Fhloston Paradigm