Rupert Taylor, aka xxxy, has been involved in music all his life, but he's really made a name for himself over the last few years with his modern take on garage cross rhythms and dubby bass lines, with the sound palette of classic house and techno jams. 

Taylor's stock first began to rise when his unique take on garage music was first heard with releases on the American Label; Formant, and Mancunian label; Mindset. His subsequent releases on Fortified Audio, Infrasonics and Pollen cemented his status as an up and coming artist to watch.

It was his release 'You Always Start It' on Doc Daneeka's Ten Thousand Yen which really attracted the public's attention to his inventive style. The single was picked up on a number of blogs and major music websites with Pitchfork naming it their "best new track" in January 2011. Follow up releases on Orca and All City were met with similar acclaim and recognized xxxy as a producer to watch in underground music. Shortly after, xxxy was chosen as one of 60 musicians to participate at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid.

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